Software development of a hybrid learning and management mobile app for driving schools

SNK comprehensively manages and develops the digital product Fahrschulcard for Deutscher Fahrschulverlag.


Project goal

Fahrschulcard remains a modern and leading SaaS product within its industry.

  • Support for the entire product and customer life cycle
  • Fast and agile product development
  • Bullet-proof tech stack
  • Comprehensible subscription model

Product functionalities

The software application has been completely rethought in terms of content, design and technology.

  • Simple and collaborative learning of driving test content via app
  • Efficient management of all administrative activities of a driving school
  • Can be adapted as flexibly as possible to new features and business models

Our services

After creating a fresh brand and web presence, the focus is on long-term product development.

  • UX: research, design and testing
  • Headless backend, high-performance databaseq
  • Hybrid mobile app development
  • Hyperscaler hosting
  • Payment, subscription and billing

Project Insights

Tech Stack

The basic requirement of the architecture was – according to the target group requirements – learning and planning in the app, administration on the laptop. A hybrid, cross-platform application combines these requirements without exploding costs:

• High-performance relational database
• Headless PHP backend
• Ionic hybrid application layer
• Optimized app store pipelines
• Stripe subscription and billing
• AWS hosting

Target groups

Defining the target groups was straightforward, but the requirements of the individual personas were challenging.

• Taking learner drivers by the hand: A cross-section of society. United by one goal: driving a car
• Supporting driving instructors: Keeping an eye on tasks, guiding learners safely to the test. Simple and uncomplicated
• Digitize driving schools: Integrate and consolidate processes, billing and data.


SNK continuously orchestrates the successful further development of the app for the client in the long term

• Requirement engineering and management
• Support in the conception of the business model
• Conception of project strategy and procedure
• Risk mitigation and strategies for risk avoidance


The smooth process was made more exciting by:

• the adoption of a grown and unstructured architecture
• maximally heterogeneous target groups
• user experience hurdles due to TÜV and law
• non-transparent app store requirements

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