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Social Media for B2B

"Nice-to-Have" was the day before yesterday.

Today, social media is an essential part of almost every successful online marketing strategy in B2B. We maximize your reach on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. and create additional awareness among potential customers and applicants. With the right content, we convey your messages and ensure more interaction with your target groups.

Our services

  • Our services

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    Strategy and Conception

    • Target group definition

    • Channels & Platforms

    • Corporate Influencer

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    • Finding topics

    • Editorial planning

    • Content production: text, image, video

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    • Concept

    • Implementation

    • Analysis & Optimization

The SNK approach

Social media marketing as part of the customer journey in B2B

Customer Experience cycle

For social media marketing in B2B to work, a company's presence on social networks must never be viewed in isolation. It is important to assess the social media presence in the context of the entire customer journey. We make sure that all your digital touchpoints are optimally interlinked: from your social media presence to your website to your ad campaigns. This creates a coherent and consistent user experience.

Our services for B2B companies

Establish and develop your social media presence

Looking to get a foothold in social media for the first time or breathe new life into your existing social media channels?

    We help you:

    • Definition of your target groups
    • Selecting the right platforms
    • Developing visual and content guidelines
    • Setting up analysis and reporting
    • Further development in joint workshops
    Zu sehen ist eine Grafik für den Aufbau der Social Media Präsenz im B2B

    Content strategy and production

    Strong, relevant content is the most important prerequisite for successful social media marketing. That's because algorithms link organic reach to user interaction - and users are demanding. We know how to make your content stand out from the content crowd:

    • Development of suitable topics and messages
    • Identification of the right content formats
    • Development of a long-term editorial plan
    • Content production (text, images, graphics, video)
    Zu sehen ist eine Grafik, die Social Media im B2B mit einer Content Strategie und Produktion darstellt von der Designagentur SNK

    Corporate influencer positioning

    Influencer marketing also works in B2B. Because corporate influencers give your company's expertise an authentic, human face. This creates a personal connection to your target group and strengthens their trust. We show you how to position yourself and your employees accordingly.

    Zu sehen ist die Positionierung von Corporate Influencern im Social Media B2B Bereich auf verschiedenen Plattformen

    Social media advertising

    Facebook puts its advertising reach in Germany at 29 million users. Instagram has 26 million users, and LinkedIn still has 12. We can help you leverage this reach for B2B.

    With precisely tailored social media campaigns, we address exactly the users you want to reach:

    • Visitors to your website or landing pages
    • Users from specific professional groups (engineers, buyers, developers, etc.)
    • employees of specific companies
    • a combination of all
    Social Media im B2B und Social Media Advertising

    In a Nutshell

    What we achieve for you with social media marketing


    Create range

    One hour and 24 minutes per day - that's how much time Germans spend on social media on average, according to a recent study. We address your target group where they spend their time!


    Increase engagement

    In B2B, too, social media thrives on interaction. And that's a good thing! Because every like and every comment helps you understand your target group better and builds loyalty.


    Set topics

    We draw the attention of your target group to exactly the topics that are important to you. We point your followers to whitepapers, offer webinars or Q&A sessions, or present an exceptional use case.