We translate your business processes and design concepts into code.

Functional, easy to use and perfectly aligned with your backend: We program frontend applications and user interfaces that your users love to interact with.

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    • Progressive Web Apps

    • SaaS solutions

    • Web-based applications

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    • Usability

    • Responsiveness

    • Accessibility

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    System integration

    • Headless landscape

    • Classic CMS environments

    • Commerce Systems

Web applications, progressive web apps and SaaS solutions

We lay the technological foundation for your application. From the conception of the software architecture to the realization of complex functions and the integration of third-party interfaces - whether headless or classic.

Maximum performance…

When it comes to loading times, there are often only milliseconds between satisfaction and frustration for your users. We make sure your application has a very good speed index. Our tools:

  • Caching
  • Deep linking
  • Prerendering
  • Lazy Loading
  • Code splitting

…on all operating systems

Do you also need your web-based application as a Progressive Web App (PWA) or native app? Preferably for iOS and Android? With us you get everything from one source! We work according to the principle of the "single code base" and can quickly implement appropriate solutions for you - efficiently and without any tedious translation steps.

Frontend development: Our tech stack

Our tech stack is always state-of-the-art - so your application is perfectly equipped for the future from day one.

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  • Sass
  • Less Css
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  • Bootstrap
  • Material design
  • Twig
  • Fluid
  • Antlers
  • Blade

UI development: symbiosis of technology and design

Accessible navigation, responsive tables, converting forms: Our UI developers create every UI component exactly the way you need it - with a keen sense of your brand design and an eye for detail.

Icon zum Thema Usability

Usability & Animation

The mouse pointer that turns into a little hand when dragged over a drag-and-drop element. The bar chart that gradually builds up instead of just being there. It's small animations and visualizations like these that - if they're technically cleanly set up - make it easier for users to find their way around and, all in all, significantly improve the user experience.

Icon zum Thema Responsives Verhalten von Webanwendungen


Desktop, tablet or smartphone: Your users will use your application on different devices. That's why our UI developers ensure that the interface dynamically adapts to the screen size - so your users always have all the relevant information in view.

Icon zum Thema Barrierefreiheit


The goal: To enable as many people as possible to access your software, regardless of physical limitations, for example. What constitutes an accessible user interface in concrete terms is defined in the WCAG standards. This includes, for example, optimizing website code for screen reader apps that can read web content aloud to the visually impaired.

SNK: UI development agency

Analysis, development, system integration: We are your partner for UI development - for more than 20 years.

Frontend-Development for user interfaces

Our references

Configurators, headless applications and PIM systems: A selection of our projects from over 20 years in B2B.