Benefits at SNK

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Your advantages with SNK

A job that matches your life-style

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Work-life balance

We’re passionate about our work – but we also know that there’s more to life. That's why we offer flexible working hours and various part-time models. So you have enough time for everything else you love besides your job.

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Working from all over Germany

Remote work and a digital agency with international clients (and employees) just fit perfectly. That's why we welcome you, no matter where you live in Germany.

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Fair salary

Money isn't everything, and it's certainly not our only motivation, but anyone who does a good job deserves a salary that enables a comfortable life.

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Varied projects

Start-ups, unicorns, hidden champions - short-term mini-jobs, long-term partnerships or one-off major projects. There is no shortage of variety, either in terms of content or the type of clients.

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Your talent is promoted

Our demand on the team: State-of-the-art solutions. As technologies, tools and requirements change at lightning speed, we enable the team to always stay up-to-date.

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Real team spirit

We vow to be there for each other, in good times as well as bad, in sickness and in health, and when the customer wants a super lot, really fast. If you need help, all you have to do is ask for it.

Zu sehen ist eine Collage aus verschiedenen Fahrrädern

I want to ride my bicycle

JobRad for the "kinder"

Cargo bike, e-bike, road bike and more – at 40% discount to a regular purchase: Lease your bike through SNK and you have the perfect means of transport for the way to work and your next leisure tour.

Your benefits are not over yet

We have even more in store for you:

Treat your brain

Your first-aid kit against inflation & co.: Earn well, eat smart, shop, and save with SNK:

Appealing compensation: in any field, at any seniority level – at SNK, fair pay is guaranteed.

"Lovebrand" employee offers: Sneakers, moving trucks, and much more: profit from significantly lower prices thanks to our partner program.

Dynamic customer landscape: From start-ups to DAX-listed companies… our clients want to evolve or even reinventing themselves.

Treat your heart

Work is important – but not everything. That's why we leave enough room for everything you want to do privately. And maybe even your SNK buddies will become part of it!

Part-time possible: The 40-hour week can, but doesn't have to. We will find a model that fits your life!

"Let’s Fun": summer party, team event, going to the Octoberfest and much more. There's a lot going on besides and after work.

Treat your belly

There's no such thing as a free lunch? Guess again – coming to the office definitely has it's perks:

Dönerstag: Once a month, SNK treats its employees to a free round of kebabs.

Indulgence office: We don't preach water, but barrista-quality coffee specialties, a more than well-stocked house bar, more and less healthy snacks, and sodas of various degrees of hipness.

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Become part of our team!

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We are children in the truest sense: we are very curious and always want to learn new things. And that's exactly what we encourage: With targeted training and our mentoring program."
Julia Feiger Head of Projects
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What I really appreciate at SNK are the snacks, drinks, and cuddles.
Henry Office Dog n°1
Flexible working hours are essential for me as a mother. At SNK, I feel great trust and also get the opportunity to evolve professionally.
Alina Schoutissen Project Manager & Sales Operations
I'm not at home in just one place, and local flexibility is essential for me to balance work and private life. With SNK, I have finally found an employer that allows me to do that and supports me in doing so.
Julia Orning Project Manager Presales