Our Way of Work

The SNK Experience Framework

Our path to effective digital communication in B2B

The red thread for your digital communication

Website, social media, presentations, lectures - as a company, you are constantly communicating with your target groups. The question is: What of it actually sticks in people's minds?

The challenge

Digital communication is influenced by three key factors: content, UX, and visual assets. In many companies, these elements are conceived and developed in silos - by many different teams without common guidelines. This is where a lot of potential is wasted.


Our solution

We think of digital communication holistically. Our Experience Framework connects the different disciplines and thus sets a practical framework for the development of effective digital communication: understandable, credible, (co-)shareable and entertaining. This is how your communication creates real added value.

Unterscheidung der Zielgruppen nach Informationsbedarf, gewünschten Aktionen und Touchpoints.

Systematic approach, outstanding results

The building blocks of our Experience Framework at a glance

Target groups

Whether customers, partners or applicants - each of your target groups has different questions and has different expectations of your communication. This means: Before we think about the content of your communication, we talk about who you want to reach in the first place.

Bausteine des SNK Experience Framework: Zielgruppen, KPIs, Storytelling, Assets, User Flows

Experience KPIs

Your digital communication never starts from scratch. Once the target groups are clear, we evaluate your existing measures in the second step. To do this, we use the following KPIs:

Relevance (first impression, clarity, media mix, look & feel).

User guidance (information architecture, navigation, usability, search aids)

Persuasion (understanding, storytelling, expert status, engagement)

Motivation (next best action, desirability, urgency, trust)

Overall impression (simplicity, delightfulness, cross device experience, performance).

Based on this analysis, we set the focus for further action.

SNK Experience KPIs: Relevanz, Nutzerführung, Überzeugungskraft, Motivation, Gesamteindruck.


With sophisticated brand storytelling, you can convince your target groups - in terms of content and emotion. We define an overarching brand message and derive specific communication content for each of your target groups. Good arguments, up-to-date data and authentic testimonials give your stories additional relevance and credibility.

Storytelling-Baukasten: Übergreifende Main-Story, und zielgruppenspezifische Sub-Storys.

Visual Assets

In the next step, we stage your messages - attractively, comprehensibly and entertainingly at the same time. To do this, we design illustrations, infographics and icons, define image worlds and produce suitable animations and videos.

Collage aus verschiedenen auffälligen Grafiken und Visual Assets

Experience Flows

Each of your target groups has different needs, uses different channels, and has its own unique customer journey.

We make sure that your digital communication offers suitable points of contact across all personas: from initial contact to after-sales.

Durch Pfeile verbundene Screens verdeutlichen die Logik unterschiedlicher User Flows

Benchmark for your digital communication

We put your digital communication to the test: As part of our brand, content and UX audits, we examine your previous measures using objective KPIs. And uncover new potential.

Brand audit

The brand audit is mostly based on target group interviews and is carried out in the context of a brand sharpening.

In the process, we evaluate your brand based on these five criteria:

  • First impression: look & feel and authenticity of your brand?
  • Corporate Design: Differentiation of your brand from the competition?
  • Consistency: Uniform brand presence across all channels and touchpoints?
  • Storytelling: Clear, unambiguous brand communication? Coordination of content and design?
  • Brand Behavior: Does your brand live up to its own claims in reality?


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Content audit

Especially in the context of a planned website relaunch, it makes sense to take a closer look at existing website content.

To do this, we look at the following criteria:

  • Relevance: Does your content meet user expectations? Are the core messages conveyed clearly and concisely?
  • User guidance: Is your content structured in such a way that users can find their way around?
  • Conviction: Does your content create added value for users? Can it credibly convey your expertise?
  • Motivation: Does your content motivate users to engage with you or your product?
  • Brand and strategy: Does your content fit your brand and strategy? Does your content actually say what you want it to say?
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UX Audit

We provide UX audits for websites as well as for SaaS applications, Progressive Web Apps and web-based applications.

The focus is on structure and design. Specifically, we examine:

  • Relevance: The look & feel as well as the first impression of the user:inside?
  • User guidance: Meaningful information architecture? Do users find what they are looking for?
  • Persuasiveness: Is the website's service offering or the software's range of functions easy for users to understand?
  • Motivation: Design of CTAs and other interactive components? Are there dead-end pages?
  • Experience: Technical performance of the site on different devices?
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Our references

Identifying strengths, uncovering optimization potential: For these customers, an audit was the starting point for the successful further development of their digital communication.

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