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Content marketing for B2B

What makes good content? It is precisely tailored to your target groups.

Good content can come in many forms - from emotional storytelling for B2C to solution-oriented contributions in B2B. As an online marketing agency, we focus on the digital customer experience. We therefore know that this can only grow through customer-centric and personalized communication.

With content marketing, you provide your customers and interested parties with individual content that offers real added value and is useful or entertaining. If you use exactly the right content at the right stage of the customer journey, the best possible user experience is created - and lasting customer loyalty and genuine identification with your company are the result.

    Content conception & creation

    Creating good content takes a lot of time and effort. Concentrate on your core business and simply leave the conception and creation of content to us. With our many years of experience in online marketing, branding and digital communication, we are the right partner. We not only develop a clear content marketing strategy with you, but also take on the conception and creation of the appropriate content - whether text, images or video. We create content that grabs and convinces from the very first moment. And not off the shelf, but tailored exactly to your target group.

    Our services in content creation:

    • Landing pages
    • Microsites
    • Whitepapers
    • Blog posts
    • Social media posts
    • Videos
    • Illustrations
    • Animations
    • Podcasts
    • Infographics and data visualization

    Win customers with content

    Lead generation & lead management

    Content marketing is the "all-purpose weapon" for every stage of your marketing & sales funnel. If the content is well done, it can help convert website visitors into loyal customers.

    As a tool for inbound marketing, content marketing persuades prospects generated via search engines and social media traffic, who subsequently become leads. With the help of content marketing and marketing automation, a lead is "fed" (lead nurturing) until it becomes a "sales qualified lead" and, in the best case, a purchase is made. And don't forget: After the purchase is before the purchase - existing customers also want to be provided with good content to ensure loyal customer retention.

    A perfect match

    Content Marketing & SEO

    Two that cannot do without each other. Search engine optimization creates the technical conditions for content marketing, and content marketing delivers exactly the content that users are looking for. The rule is simple: the better the content meets user needs, the better the search engine ranking will be. This can be on the one hand through the use of relevant SEO keywords in the content, but above all through the high quality of the content, which also delivers exactly what the user is looking for.