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Web applications, service-apps, mobile apps, configurators - individually tailored to you and your customers. We don't just code, we develop outstanding digital customer experiences. Classical or Headless, multi-channel and multi-region.

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The SNK Approach: Digital Customer Experience

For us, good code is one thing above all: a means to an end.

No one, really no one is impressed when the product configurator on your website works smoothly. But everyone is frustrated when it doesn't. Good programming - as complex as it may be - is nothing more than a hygiene factor for your users. Convincing customers is a different matter: with clear information architecture, user-friendly interface and customer-centric design - all of which in turn must be implemented in a technically clean manner. All this adds up to an unmistakable digital customer experience. And that's exactly what we develop.

Die Grafik zeigt den SNK Arbeitsprozess mit UX, Design und Entwicklung für positive Customer Experiences.


From concept to implementation: With a team of over 50 developers, we realize state-of-the-art software solutions.

Web applications

The product configurator for fasteners, the online store for commercial craft supplies or the web portal for an industry association - the B2B cosmos is our home. The interaction of our UX, design and development teams creates individual applications. 100% customer-centric and technologically state of the art.

Das Bild zeigt einen Online-Produktkonfigurator für Verbindungselemente.
Reference: Website relaunch commercetools

Website relaunch

We give your new website a stable backbone: Based on TYPO3, Wordpress or other CMS solutions, our developers program a backend individually tailored to your needs. We integrate complex functions such as multi-domain or multi-language as well as interfaces to third-party services. Our front-end developers also ensure the smooth implementation of the individual UX components and keep an eye on the performance and mobile optimization of your website.

Das Bild zeigt die Corporate Website des Software-Unicorn commercetools nach dem Relaunch durch SNK.
Reference: Website relaunch commercetools

Mobile apps

The service app for your customers or the sales and planning tool for your employees, optimally linked with your ERP or CMS. We develop mobile apps according to your requirements. Our tools of the trade are frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js or Node.js.

Das Bild zeigt ein Design einer von SNK programmierten Mobile App für den Vertrieb von Medizintechnik.
Reference: B2B sales app

User interfaces

We design intuitive user interfaces for web applications and SaaS solutions - and implement them accordingly. Among other things, we program wizards for finding data objects, define buildability rules for configurators, and enable the localization of products.

Our design and development teams also work hand in hand when designing analysis dashboards. Ergonomic interfaces are created based on existing UI libraries and front-end frameworks.

Das Bild zeigt das Online-Dashboard auf der Website der Corona-Warn-App.
Reference: Corona warning app website

B2B agency for software development from Munich

From conception to final software rollout: We are your partner.



We analyze your business processes and your existing system landscape and define the technical requirements for the new software on this basis.


Operating concept

In the first step, we address fundamental issues relating to secure and reliable operation. This includes, for example, backing up and restoring data, the process for detecting and correcting errors, and the procedure for installing software and system updates.


Software Architecture

Every software consists of a multitude of different components and functions. Our experienced software architects ensure the perfect interaction of the individual building blocks of your solution.

Frontend and backend development

Our developers master the complete stack of modern web applications.

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Agile software programming

DevOps: Program, test, implement, evaluate - and start all over again.

Zu sehen ist die agile Software Programmierung mit DevOps von der Desinagentur SNK

In DevOps, two disciplines merge: the development of new components and functionalities (Development) and their integration into an existing system (Operations). Following this logic, we assemble your individual software piece by piece. With short release cycles, we ensure transparency in the course of the project and create the necessary scope to be able to react flexibly to possible changes.

SNK - Your long-term partner

And after the software launch? We proactively ensure smooth operation and continuous further development.

Zu sehen ist ein Operationszeichen, das für kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung nach dem Software-Launch durch die Designagentur SNK steht


Our Operations team takes care of the reliable operation of your web application. In close cooperation with our cloud partners Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, we make your application fit for high-load operation.

Zu sehen ist eine Grafik, veranschaulicht durch einen Kreislauf, der die Wartung von SNK beim Service für individuelle Software Entwicklungen darstellt


Regular maintenance is essential for the security of your system. That's why we proactively take care of upgrades, patches and fixes of all deployed components. So that your application is always up to date.

Zu sehen ist das Zeichen für Support, den SNK als langfristiger Partner, für seine Kunden bereitstellt


Experience has shown that, especially with complex systems, minor questions about the handling of the new web application arise again and again in everyday life. We provide quick answers: Our flexible support team is available to you via hotline.

Our references

An online store with over 100,000 articles or a common web platform for over 50,000 association members: We love complex tasks.

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