Yes! We are a certified Great Place to Work.

When it comes to the work environment, we don't do things by halves - neither for you, nor for us: At SNK, we are ONE team, no matter what title you hold.

We are proud of our GPTW certification

What our teams appreciate most about us

What our teams appreciate most about us
  • familiar and team-oriented working atmosphere
  • flexible working hours
  • short communication channels
  • very good working conditions

Our owners on their vision as an employer

Michael Kirchberger, Director Sales & Marketing

"At SNK, I want to work with my colleagues to create a professional environment in which highly motivated experts work together in an atmosphere of fun, ambition and fairness. And in doing so, get better as a team every day, try out new things and support each other - laying the foundation for projects with exceptional added value for the customer."

Federico Zuluaga-Knorr, Director Technology

"I want to constantly learn new things, do really cool stuff, challenge myself and work with people I like and respect and who are passionate and highly professional. So being a part of SNK is my dream job. To constantly move forward, as a person, as a team, and as a company. To constantly challenge the status quo and help our customers, the team and everyone involved to evolve. That's what motivates and drives me every day."

Paul Zentner, Director Brand & Strategy

"My passion is to connect individual building blocks. To unite different disciplines from areas such as business strategy, psychology, design and technology into a final synthesis. Driving the new craft of Digital Customer Experience with a digital "A-Team". Overcoming challenges and getting a little better every day."

André Bachofner, Director UX & Design

"I need to work in an environment that is relaxed, friendly and honest. That's the reason why SNK was my first job and will probably be my last. I want to shape the way to solve all the UX challenges out there. Tricky customer journeys, complex business models and unusual commerce scenarios. Creating an easy and beautiful User Journey for all of that makes me happy. Getting better and better as a team in this exciting, still new and fresh market is my goal."

Zu sehen ist eine Collage mit schönen Bildern aus dem Arbeitsalltag bei der Digitalagentur SNK: Menschen, Hunde, fröhliche Stimmung

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