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Do you have a weak spot for good design, smart technology and creative ideas? Then you've come to the right place.

How we work - and for whom

SNK in two words: Creative collaboration.

With us, you'll be right in the middle of the field of tension between the various disciplines. You think outside the box and create unique digital customer experiences together with our specialists from all areas - for B2B companies that set standards in their own industries: From Dax corporations like SAP and Siemens to software unicorns like commercetools and Celonis to hidden champions like AVS Römer and Myra Security.

Proud to be a Great Place To Work 2022

Proud to be a Great Place To Work 2022

Action im Office

Action im Office

Fun beim Fotoshoot

Fun beim Fotoshoot

Camouflage Büro-Hund

Camouflage Büro-Hund

Foto: Ausgeschnittene Pappbuchstaben als SNK Wortlogo.

SNK aus Papier

Kaffepäuschen im Social Room

Kaffepäuschen im Social Room

Foto: Workshop mit Teamleads und vielen Postits am Fenster.

Interne Workshops

Foto: Ein Standup mit vielen Menschen.


Foto: Mehrerer Team-Mitglieder stoßen mit einem alkoholischen Getränk an.

Zum Wohl

Büro-Hund Beach Time

Büro-Hund Beach Time

Eine Mitarbeiterin zieht eine Grimasse.


Foto: SNK Merchandise, moderne Socken, eine grauer Hoodie und eine Karte.

SNK Style

Foto: Consultants in einem Workshop mit Kunden in einem modernen Meetingraum.

Old-School Kundenworkshops vor Ort

Foto: Ein Mitarbeiter prostet mit Aperol Spritz.


Foto: SNK Geschäftsführer André Bachofner sitzt mit seinem Hund Henry auf einem blauen Thron.


Foto: Viele Menschen sitzen mit Block und Stift an einer langen Tafel.


Foto: ein komplett aus Papier hergestellter Arbeitsplatz von der Toca Me.

Arbeitsplatz aus Pappe

Geschäftsführer André Bachofner sitzt im Fensterrahmen und telefoniert.

Freie Platzwahl im Büro

Michael Kirchberger und Federico zuluaga-Knorr stellen die Szene aus Titanic an der Spitze des Schiffs nach.

SNK Titanic

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Your advantages with SNK

On display is a symbol that represents the work-life balance at SNK

Work-Life Balance

We burn for our work - but we also know that there are more important things in life. That's why we offer you flexible working hours and various part-time models. So you have enough time for your loved ones.

This is a visual illustration of one of the many benefits of working at SNK: working from wherever you want.

Working from wherever you want

We are convinced: There is nothing that can't be solved via a Hangout. That's why you decide where you want to work from. Of course, our offices are always open to you.

You can see a graph that represents the salary point in the career aspect at SNK

Above average salary

Fun at work does not pay your rent - neither in Munich, nor in Skopje or wherever you like to work from. That's why we offer you absolutely fair pay in every position.

Current job openings

You want to organize, conceptualize, design and translate digital projects into code together with us? Then take a look at our open positions!

Supporting unicorns like Hybris and Celonis is super exciting. It's not just about "beautiful designs", but about understanding the complex solutions of customers and turning them into something tangible.
Elena Nachite Creative Consultant
Flexible working hours are essential for me as a mother. At SNK, I feel great trust and also get the opportunity to develop professionally.
Alina Schoutissen Project Manager & Sales Operations
A "Great Place to Work" with some of the best (and probably most grown up) agency kids in Munich.
Oliver Barrenbrügge Senior SEO Specialist
What I really appreciate at SNK is the flexibility and the trust that is placed in me. I can work part-time as a manager and still have time for myself and my family.
Katharina Fuchs Head of Creative
Living by the sea and still working in Munich: Thanks to the ability to reach my team at any time via video conferencing and instant messaging, I'm still in the thick of things. Remote work allows me to be there for my family and still work for SNK over 700km away.
Martin Henkel-Fünning TYPO3 Integrator/ PHP Entwickler
The opportunity to work remotely in a very flexible and uncomplicated way allowed me to move back to my home and close to my family.
Selina Greco-Röger UX-Designerin

The minds behind SNK

Our owners are an integral part of our teams and absolute experts in their field.

Geschäftsführer Michael Kirchberger vor einem blau-rosa illustriertem Hintergrund.

Michael Kirchberger
Director Business Development

"At SNK, I want to work with my colleagues to create a professional environment in which highly motivated experts work together in an atmosphere of fun, ambition and fairness. And in doing so, we improve as a team every day, try out new things and support each other - thus laying the foundation for projects with exceptional added value for the customer."

Federico Zuluaga-Knorr
Director Technology

"I want to constantly learn new things, do really cool stuff, challenge myself, and work with people I like and respect who are passionate and highly professional. So being a part of SNK is my dream job. To constantly move forward, as a person, as a team, and as a company. To constantly challenge the status quo and help our customers, the team and everyone involved to evolve. That motivates and drives me every day."

Geschäftsführer Federico Zuluaga-Knorr vor einem blau-grün illustriertem Hintergrund.
Geschäftsführer Paul Zentner vor einem blau-rosa illustriertem Hintergrund.

Paul Zentner
Director Brand & Strategy

"My passion is to connect individual components. Combining different disciplines from areas such as business strategy, psychology, design and technology into a final synthesis. Driving the new craft of Digital Customer Experience with a digital "A-Team". Mastering challenges and getting a little better every day."

André Bachofner
Director UX & Design

"I need to work in an environment that is relaxed, friendly and honest. That's why SNK was my first job and will probably be my last. I want to help shape the way to solve all the UX challenges out there. Tricky customer journeys, complex business models and unusual commerce scenarios. Creating a simple and beautiful User Journey for all of that makes me happy. Getting better and better as a team in this exciting, still new and fresh market is my goal."

Foto: Geschäftsführer André Bachofner vor einem rosa-blau illustriertem Hintergrund.

Your application at SNK

The most important questions and answers about your application

On display is a graphic illustrating the "How do I apply?" process

How to apply

You can easily upload your documents via the link in the respective job ad. We will reply to you within a few days.

You can see the interview aspect of SNK's application process.

How interviews take place

Currently, we conduct all of our interviews virtually. This offers you and us full flexibility.

You can see a party bag that is used when a new employee starts at SNK.

And then?

If everything fits for you and us, it means: Welcome to SNK :-)

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Data protection

What actually happens with the data from your application? You can read about it in our data protection information for applicants.