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Upgrading your website to your company’s strategic marketing hub.

What makes SNK the perfect partner for your relaunch?

We combine our expertise in branding, UX design and marketing with strong technical skills. This enables us to build successful B2B websites that attract and engage customers.

Has your company’s strategy changed? Is your website failing to generate leads? Have its design and technology simply fallen behind the times? If the most important digital touchpoint for your customers is no longer fit for purpose, it’s time for a relaunch. With a clear focus on your target audiences, we transform your website into a strategic hub for all your marketing activities. We also give you the ability to continuously develop it in the future.

A diagram shows the success factors of B2B websites
On display is a graphic, that stands for advice and status quo considering a website relaunch


We analyse the existing state of your website and your marketing activities and then define relevant KPIs, target audiences and competitive demands, using business and IT perspectives.

You can see an icon design that stands for the UX design team of SNK


Our UX design team specialises in B2B user journeys. We design and build websites that are visually appealing, user-friendly, easy to understand and engaging.

You can see a graphic that represents the technology aspect of a website relaunch


We design and implement CMS solutions with state-of-the-art technologies and methods.

Our rebranding and website relaunch were very extensive and complex projects. Nevertheless, working with SNK was great fun. Super friendly, straightforward communication. Quick feedback loops and very professional. Both the approach and the results were fully convincing.
Sanja Weidel Head of Digital Marketing
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IONOS is the second company where I have worked with SNK. The combination of B2B and technical expertise with strong UX design and content creation has made our project progress significantly.
Dr. Martin Endress Chief Customer Officer
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SNK was the perfect partner to take our website to the next level – strategically, visually and technologically. What’s more, we really value our collaboration with them for the continuous development of our digital communications.
Reinhard Moch Head of Marketing & Communications

Who we work for

Our B2B websites impress visitors with an improved customer experience, modern design and efficient performance.

We achieve your goals

When you have a team that has grown to 120 members with 20 years of experience, how many working days does that make? We don’t know the answer either. However, we do know that we can boost the performance of your website with a positive customer journey.

A good website converts visitors into customers. It is your tool for communicating your company’s vision, mission, solutions and products to (potential) customers. 

We have extensive experience in tailoring websites to B2B target audiences. Our approach is so effective that it produces significant improvements on the relevant performance metrics: 

  1. increased visibility providing more visitors
  2. seamless user navigation generating more leads 
  3. persuasive content and visual appearance resulting in more conversions
Illustration of a B2B customer journey through the marketing funnel.

We belive in customer centricity

We believe that the needs of your customers come first, closely followed by the needs of your company. We ensure that the chosen content, features and designs make the user experience extremely positive – and that you can see measurable improvements to your website. There are three aspects that are particularly important.

You can see the graphical representation of a corporate strategy with regard to a website relaunch

Corporate strategy

Does your website currently communicate the added value of your company for your target audience personas? How can it better contribute to the achievement of your strategic goals?

You can see a graphic illustrating website functions during a website relaunch

Website function

What role is your website currently performing in your business processes and what additional role should it take?

On display is a graphical representation of the technology aspect regarding a website relaunch.


Are you using state-of-the-art technology and does it enable intuitive maintenance, fast loading times, optimisation for responsive display and smooth integration of third-party systems?

Project management

Why your website relaunch can't go wrong with us

Digital projects do go wrong – it’s in their nature. To prevent this from happening, we rely on established processes and a dedicated team to ensure the successful implementation of your project: 

We work in accordance with the quality standards ISO 9001 (criteria for quality management systems) and ISO 27001 (standard for implementing an effective information security management system).

We provide full transparency through regular meetings, through weekly reports on project progress, budgets and timing; and through access to our work management tool Jira – you speak to just one main contact person for any and all issues.

Your relaunch in six stages

Discovery stage

  • Project mapping (project targets, deliverables, road map, stakeholders, responsibilities, interdependencies)
  • Business requirements (company goals, marketing activities, products, services, competitors)
  • Target audience needs (definition, analysis and interviews) 
A B2B website relaunch with a professional agency means setting goals in the workshop.

UX concept

  • Definition of personas
  • Creation of information architecture
  • Outline of user flows
  • Design of customer journey wireframes
A graphic shows wireframes and UX design for B2B websites.

Technical concept

  • Identification of technical requirements and functionalities 
  • Analysis and preparation of existing product data
  • Technical definition of scope with all relevant functions and features 
  • Delimitation of basic and additional requirements
  • Documentation of requirements in Jira (backlog creation for features)
A graphic shows the implementation of a mature technical concept.

UX and visual design

  • Specification of design direction
  • Design of UX components based on screen design (desktop & mobile)
  • Basic library for styles and components
  • Handover technology
Screeshots show the designs developed by B2B agency SNK for Commercetools, Celonis and Hirschmann Automotive.

Technical implementation

  • Responsive implementation of visual design
  • CMS set-up
  • Implementation of CMS components
  • Implementation and configuration of features
  • Integration tracking
  • Quality assurance
  • CMS training
  • Final testing
  • Content migration
  • Approval and go-live
On display is the stylized backend of a TYPO3 system

Support and further development

  • Technical support 
  • Further development through agile collaboration
  • Expansion of existing features
  • Operational SEO 
  • Digital marketing campaigns
A graphic shows the support by SNK in agile collaboration even after Golive of the portal.
To guarantee a successful website relaunch, there are many disciplines that need to interact as smoothly as possible: strategy, conceptualisation, design, technology, marketing and project management. This type of interaction is our strong point.
Paul Zentner Director SNK
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