Marketing for Yunex Traffic

Brand awareness for a new brand

New corporate website

What a new brand needs? A cool website as a marketing hub.

Yunex Traffic is a spin-off of Siemens Mobility and provides innovative traffic ecosystems for more safety and sustainability in urban road traffic. Having also developed a new website with the new brand, we are rolling out the result internationally to a total of 24 countries. We integrate Matomo including tracking to ensure measurability of KPIs.

Hands holding an Ipad showing the Yunex website

Social media

How do you roll out a new brand on social media? How do you gain followers? By showing personality.

Posting Frameworks

Design of the social media presence

New brand, newer social media presence: Matching header images for Yunex Traffic and the employees' profiles roll out the brand we developed efficiently and in line with the CI on the social networks. A post builder for Yunex Traffic and the company's Bizzfluencers ensures a consistent brand presence on LinkedIn and Twitter. The content: texts and assets to combine for a total of four overarching, brand-relevant topics.

Yunex marketing kit

LinkedIn campaigns

Strategy, creation and management

We created strategies, assets and media plans for a total of three international campaigns in German and English. The goal: brand activation and community building on LinkedIn. For example, we generated followers with a LinkedIn campaign during the ITS World Congress in Hamburg through various ads and sponsorships of selected organic posts.

Employer Branding

Power of Yunex: The people behind the fire

How do you create an emotional connection between followers and a new brand? By showing the people behind it. To kick off the campaign, employees are invited to submit a portrait photo and quote on the topic "What are you burning for at Yunex Traffic? We are responsible for the campaign idea, strategy and implementation. Among other things, we also provide a template that employees can use to quickly create their own posts in the new CI.

Templates for posts in the graphic design online tool Canva help to create employee statements quickly and easily.

Regular employee quotes on LinkedIn generate consistently positive responses so far.

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