Yunex Traffic

a new brand and website for a global market leader

A B2B brand experience in all dimensions

We created a unique brand that hasn’t forgotten its roots.

A spin-off of Siemens Mobility, Yunex Traffic combines the goals and expertise of a global market leader with the agility and innovativeness of a pioneer. 

With its groundbreaking traffic ecosystems, Yunex improves safety and sustainability in urban mobility. We helped the new company create a unique, impactful brand. This involved developing strategy and positioning, devising messages and design, and generating the necessary brand awareness across all channels.

SNK was an important sparring partner for us in the development of the brand and brand design. Together we tweaked and fiddled - and in the end, despite the tight schedule, we achieved a result with which we are more than satisfied.
Ingrid Gogl VP Marketing & Communication
On display is a moodboard in the new brand design of Yunex Traffic

Corporate Design

Image of an intersection in city traffic


Picture shows a Yunex product brochure designed by creative agency SNK


Picture shows two vans with Yunex print


You can see a collage with various advertisements for Yunex Traffic


Image shows illustration of traffic light in city traffic


On display are mobile devices with an app in the new brand design of Yunex Traffic


On display is the website in the new brand design of Yunex Traffic, developped by digital agency SNK


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Our solution

How should the brand position itself? What are its messages and how should they be conveyed visually? These are precisely the questions we answered.

Meaning of the Yunex brand: YU (Uniting) + NEX (what's next in traffic)
Graphic shows the claim of the Yunex brand: Uniting what's next in traffic

Step 1

Brand development: strategy and positioning

Successful brands can only be created by working closely with the people who imbue them with life. So when we started work on this project, we organised numerous workshops with the marketing team, top management and other team stakeholders based in locations across the globe. Together, we defined the key target audiences and USPs, worked out how to distinguish the brand’s character from that of its parent company, Siemens, and devised the brand’s basic positioning.

Step 2

Brand design: bringing the brand to life

We created a unique design to communicate the identity of the Yunex Traffic brand. We designed the logo, selected the colour palette and typography, and developed a concept for the company’s visual storytelling. We then set out the results in a brand style guide, which ensures consistency throughout Yunex Traffic brand communication.

Typography, color, designs: overview of the Yunex brand style guide

Visual storytelling

The motif of a modern city forging a path into the future is at the heart of the visual storytelling. Each one of our assets reflects in its own way the Yunex Traffic vision: transforming urban environments with intelligent mobility solutions.

Overview of visual brand assets: brand imagery, data visuals, 3D renderings, icons & illustrations

3D rendering

Showing what’s possible: 3D renderings bring the vision of urban transformation to life.

Yunex: Trend Urbanisation, bis 2050 werden 70% der Weltbevölkerung in Städten leben

Data visuals

Looking at the world through the lens of data: graphics with data bars and other elements underscore the benefits of Yunex traffic management software in practice.

Graphic shows the overview of all brand icons from Yunex Traffic

Step 3

Brand experience: creating brand touchpoints

From the website and social media to brochures and trade fairs, we create brand touchpoints across all channels for customers and partners as well as Yunex staff. Additional campaigns ensures we achieve the necessary reach and foreground the brand and its positioning.


High-quality print, distinctive design: for Yunex Traffic, image and product brochures are an important channel to their target audience.

Zu sehen sind Image- und Produktbroschüren für Yunex von der Designagentur SNK
Imagevideo YUNEX Traffic

Social Media

Social media is an indispensable part of any marketing strategy. We helped set up the channels and harnessed their reach for additional awareness campaigns.

Working clothes

Yesterday Siemens Mobility, today Yunex Traffic: brand touchpoints integrated into everyday working life help staff identify with the new brand.

Zu sehen sind Yunex Jacken mit der Aufschrift Yunex Traffic
Zu sehen ist der Messestand von Yunex Traffic auf dem TS World Congress 2021


Yunex Traffic exhibited at its first trade fair at the ITS World Congress 2021. We designed the stand and the giveaways.

Bang on time on 1 July 2021 - the day that Yunex Traffic was officially spun off from Siemens - the new corporate website went online. Our UX design team devised and designed each component of the website, while our development team created the site using TYPO3. Meanwhile, our digital marketing team produced the content.

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