Bild zeigt zwei Screenshots des Saturn Onlineshops in der Mobile-Ansicht.


UX conception and design for the Saturn online store

The task

The original task was no less than to stage the Saturn brand and the associated shopping experience as an online user experience for the first time. After the conceptual and design basis for the e-commerce solution was created, it was expanded and further developed over the years with our help.

The solution

Workshops were held with the digital marketing department to work out how best to address the large and heterogeneous target group. In addition to the perfect shopping experience, the focus was on adapting the brand to the online sales channel. To ensure simple user guidance online, we worked in advance with prototypes that were optimized through user testing. In this way, a state-of-the-art online shopping solution was developed, which was characterized in particular by its agility: Over the years, even fast-moving campaigns could be promoted in a targeted manner and technical innovations (e.g. mobile preparation, responsiveness) could be constantly integrated. The result was a user experience concept that played its part in helping Saturn successfully enter the digital age.

Saturn Onlineshop Content on mobile devices
Saturn onlienshop examples for teasers