UX concept and design for the Saturn Online Shop.


We were asked to stage the Saturn brand and the associated shopping experience as an online user experience for the first time. Once the conceptual and design foundation for the e-commerce solution was created, we continued to expand and refine it further over the years.


In workshops with the digital marketing department, we discovered  how the client’s large and heterogeneous target group could be optimally addressed. In addition to creating the perfect shopping experience, we focused on adapting the brand to the online sales channel. In order to be able to guarantee clear user guidance online, we started with prototypes that were optimized through rounds of extensive user testing. The end product we delivered was a state-of-the-art online shopping solution particularly distinguished by its agility: over the years, even the fastest-moving campaigns could be promoted effectively and incorporating  the latest technical innovations (e.g. mobile presentation, responsiveness). This resulting user experience concept played a significant role in successfully guiding Saturn into the digital age.

  • Frontend Development
  • UX Concept
  • Brand Assets
  • UX / UI Design
  • e-Commerce
  • Brand Communication
  • Information Architecture
  • Mobile Experience / Apps
  • Visual Design
Saturn Screen Content | schoene neue kinder
Saturn Screen Content | schoene neue kinder

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