SAP Galaxy VR Showcase

Data visualization with virtual reality

The task

Bar charts and 2D were yesterday. We make data tangible in the truest sense of the word.

For our long-time client SAP Hybris Labs, our creative team went to a 3D galaxy to demonstrate how data for sales and marketing can be displayed virtually and in 3D at the Global SAP CX Summit.

Global SAP CX Summit | beautiful new children

About the Galaxy VR project

SAP CX Labs' Galaxy Virtual Reality project addresses the exciting task of using Big Data and real-time data in a new dimension that is not only more intuitive, but also more targeted.

Visualization and three-dimensional representation of data sets are intended to show companies new ways of understanding mass data and making the best possible use of it. And this in a form of presentation that is perceived by people as more natural and pleasant compared to 2D.

Customer profiles within reach

Customer data and profiles are made real and tangible for sales and marketing specialists with the help of virtual reality, instead of ending up in endless tables. With the help of GalaxyVR, the specific needs of individual customers can be quickly and intuitively identified in real time from the flood of collected data. This creates the prerequisite for being able to interact with customers immediately and individually.

Man wearing VR glasses | beautiful new kids
SAP VR Galaxy Showcase Sketches | beautiful new kids

Touchpoint & Cluster Design

What does user experience design look like in 3-dimensional space?

In order to make profile data readable and display thousands of profiles, our design team worked with 3D models in virtual space as early as the conception phase. Display forms and controls were visualized with the help of special software. The clear focus in the GalaxyVR project was to present the data in such a way that it could be easily and intuitively understood. For this purpose, we developed a number of behavioral patterns, such as "oscillating" and "pulsating" clusters. This way, individual profiles can even "call" for attention by immediately drawing the eye.

SAP VR Galaxy Showcase UI Elements | beautiful new kids
SAP VR Galaxy Showcase UI Elements | beautiful new kids

A look into the future

VR in sales and e-commerce

The three-dimensional representation of data could enter the everyday life of sales and marketing departments in the not too distant future. Equipped with VR glasses, a team meeting could begin by logging into GalaxyVR and projecting the current status of customer data into virtual space. Customer profiles where there are discernible breaks in the customer journey, for example, can be captured at a glance. Sales staff or online retailers can thus take countermeasures in real time - be it with targeted marketing campaigns or personal customer contact in B2B sales.

SAP VR Galaxy Showcase Image | beautiful new kids
SAP VR Galaxy Showcase Touchpoints | beautiful new children
SAP VR Galaxy Showcase Touchpoints | beautiful new children
SAP VR Galaxy Showcase Document | beautiful new children