Ein Bild zeigt das Design der SAP Hybris Website auf der Startseite.

SAP Hybris: from unknown startup to enterprise and market leader

360° full-service lead agency for more than 15 years

The task

Hybris was founded in 1997 as a small e-commerce software start-up and grew from there to around 3,000 employees. It brought fresh innovative blood into the SAP mothership and thereby successfully repositioned itself on the market as SAP Hybris.

A startup like this needs a wide range of design services on such a growth journey. From creating and managing the strong brand, corporate communications, various web presences, software user interfaces, presentations and advertising to customer events, trade show booths and videos.

On display is the SAP Hybris Summit event by design agency SNK


An example of the visual language is a photo of a young lady looking at a tablet in front of a nighttime city backdrop


The photo shows a billboard at a bus stop with a stylized astronaut and the text: All good, Houston


Shown is an editorial design for an SAP text page by design agency SNK

Editorial Design

On display is the graphic design for employer branding for SAP by brand agency SNK

Employer branding

On display is a campaign landing page for SAP

Landing pages for campaigns

Shown is an infographic for SAP created by design agency SNK


On display is an illustration for SAP by design agency SNK


Pictured is a room full of people listening to a presentation for SAP, created by design agency SNK


You can see a man wearing brand merchandise of SAP


On display is the design of microsites and sub-brands for SAP, created by SNK design agency

Microsites and Subbrands

A SAP product demo can be seen

Product Demos

A room with people watching an SAP showcase on Ipads can be seen


Seen is an outdoor advertisement for an SAP Customer Experience Live Event created by design agency SNK

Outdoor Advertising

A rendering of the SAP trade show booth by the design agency SNK is shown

Booth Design

You can see a screenshot of the SAP Demo Cloud

Product Demos

On display is the Robotech Shoecraft 3D Printer on a landing page by the design agency SNK for SAP


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The solution

In 1997, we created the then already strong Hybris brand and were then responsible for its further development and management for almost 20 years.

For this special relationship, we designed a special concept, which we called the "internal / external agency". In it, we combined the holistic design responsibility starting with the brand, through marketing to the user interface, where we finally ensured that this also delivers on the brand's promises. 

On this basis, we were able to create such a comprehensive and complete system for brand and product that we ended up with such a high level of consistency and brand trust that it could only compete with the best in the market.

In those nearly 20 years, we helped both brand and product grow from unknown startup to enterprise and market leader, guided several evolutionary relaunches of the brand and websites, designed countless all-around styled events, and turned thousands of customers, partner companies, investors, and employees into loyal fans and ambassadors. When SAP bought Hybris in 2013, the deal became a proverbial "reverse takeover," with SAP Brand taking a big bite out of the Hybris brand and culture.

Corporate Websites

The whole world is talking about how much the B2B world needs to align itself more and more with the consumer world. Especially for a company that wants to be an expert in customer experience, it was essential to find a valid balance of fact-oriented content and entertaining aesthetics across all channels.

A collection of screenshots shows the new SAP Hybris webpage on mobile devices

Corporate Collaterals

As important as digital media is today - a paper brochure in your hands is still a totally different feeling and a great chance to inspire your customers and win their hearts.

A colleciton of images shows different kinds of collaterals von SAP Hybris by deisgn agency SNK

Brochure design

From time to time, the opportunity arises for special print projects that end up feeling so special that you just have to read them. Such a project starts with a loving layout and ends with the choice of a really special paper and fancy printing inks.

Various brochures in design by SNK for SAP Hybris

Event design

Nothing offers a brand experience as intense as a well-designed and organized event.

In addition to smaller roadshows and trade show appearances, we took the opportunity of the "Gobal Summit" once a year to do a kind of seasonal evolutionary brand upgrade, where we could take current industry trends and topics and connect them to Hybris and the Hybris products in a new way. Our work in this began with the overall branding of the event, marketing and communications, and ended with technical demos. From super-realistic product demos to innovative real-time virtual reality projects.

Fotos of SAP Hybris global summit
Impressions of the SAP Hybris 2017 Global Summit
Fira Barcelona Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain


In fact, it's quite easy to grab the attention of your target audience if you invest a little extra budget for hand-crafted well-designed intros and headers.

Mailings for SAP hybris by content agency SNK

Responsive Design

Nowadays, hardly anyone talks about responsive design for long, because it is generally already taken for granted. However, we never tire of pointing out that we have been implementing responsive layouts long before the term became famous.

Von der B2B Agentur SNK umgesetzte responsive Layouts für SAP Hybris.


If you want to really show off beautiful artwork, there's no getting around large formats.

That's what makes printed matter so special, and we love to play to these strengths and enchant our customers' clients with them.

A poster in a bus station in SAP hybris design by agency SNK
print designs by aganecy SNK für SAP hybris

Visual systems

Being clever, interesting or well thought out cannot be faked.

Therefore, nothing replaces a truly living intelligent design system if you really want to inspire your customers and convince them of your innovation competence. Furthermore, graphic systems allow for a virtually endless number of variations and thus become a highly cost-efficient concept.

genoetrical shaoes in black and white forming des new SAP design system created by creative agency SNK
Print display of SAP Hybris design agency
Illustration of people in SAP Hybris design system by SNK
A tablet shows a landingpage for an online event in SAP hybris design

Social Media Marketing

The rules of good communication vary greatly from channel to channel.

You need a deep understanding of the do's and don'ts and cultural differences when creating effective content for specific platforms. And that's where we know our stuff.

LinkedIn Designs in CI from SAP Hybris
On display are SAP Hybris Summits that took place in various cities around the world in 2018