Myra Security

Brand development and UX conception for an IT security service provider

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The German technology company Myra Security offers a secure, certified Security-as-a-Service platform to protect digital business processes.

They approached us, certain of their high-quality product. All they needed now, was a brand that would reflect this self-confidence and help them increase their reach.


Our intensive initial analysis resulted in the development of a targeted brand and communication strategy that would support Myra in its endeavors.

With a refreshed look and feel, expressive brand communication and an optimized website, we enabled the company to present itself to the outside world as they had already seen themselves – as the new standard for global IT security.

Versatile design system

The visual system represents data streams in an abstract way. This allowed us to present the functionalities of the individual products on a simplified level and at the same time created a high recognition value for the Myra brand.


New color scheme


Modular key visual

The modular key visual depicts the structure and functionalities of the Myra product portfolio and is effective both in its entirety as well as in detailed individual views, for example for product pages or data sheets.


Optimized user experience

In order to make the best possible use of the website's potential as one of the first and most important touchpoints, a simplified navigation concept was developed. Thanks to the new visual storytelling, the user got a secure "This is the right place for me" feeling. It made it possible to find convincing information and arguments for the first contact with Myra as quickly as possible.


Cross-channel communication assets

To ensure a consistent brand experience and thus strengthen the brand presence, a large number of designs and templates were created. These include presentation templates, trade fair booths, white papers and product data sheets, as well as advertisements for online and offline channels.


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