Brand and Website Relaunch


Our client, an established CRM service provider, entrusted us to provide them with a step-by-step brand and website relaunch. The driver for this was their  new product division, the introduction of which provided the impulse for a more youthful and visual positioning of the brand.


The relaunch process was implemented in close cooperation with the management and employees. For example, the new slogan was developed together using a collaborative  brainstorming tool. The end result was a well-executed, coherent brand rejuvenation. This was reflected in every corner of the brand world and could be clearly experienced by customers. The relaunched brand included, among other things:

  • visual and internal branding incl. mailings etc.,
  • audiovisual elements such as specially created jingles and phone announcements
  • social media campaigns and engagement
  • exhibition Design.
  • UX Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Customer Experience
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Communication
  • Visual Design
  • Illustration
  • Motion Design & Animation
  • Trade Show & Event Design
Maihiro Screen | schoene neue kinder
Maihiro Screens und Content | schoene neue kinder
Maihiro Graphic | schoene neue kinder

Motion Design / Video Production

The new visual staging of the maihiro brand included rich audiovisual elements such as videos and telephone announcements with custom audio. We designed original  motion graphics to present the functionality and advantages of the maiConnect CRM system as simply and vividly as possible.

Maihiro Roll Up | schoene neue kinder
Maihiro animated graphic | schoene neue kinder

Further References

Websites & Portals

Here you will find a Selection of further References.

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Travel Overland Screen Slider | schoene neue kinder
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