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HOMANN Foodservice: Successful online marketing in B2B

The digitization of mayonnaise

Visibility and lead generation in B2B

We increase awareness of the HOMANN Foodservice brand and its products and generate new leads.

HOMANN Foodservice is one of the most prominent delicatessen suppliers in Germany. With its product portfolio, the company from the food industry targets the professional catering trade, i.e. it operates exclusively in the B2B sector. 

For a long time, HOMANN Foodservice relied in particular on classic marketing channels such as trade fairs. Our task was and is to strategically develop the digital communication of the food manufacturer.

The challenges

What does an ad actually taste like? And aren't 11 user personas too much?

The product

What can online marketing achieve in the food industry? Instead of the classic USPs such as taste, smell, and consistency, we focus on HOMANN Foodservice's know-how and services.

The target groups

HOMANN Foodservice serves very different target groups: From individual caterers to canteens, large kitchens and their purchasing departments. Together with HOMANN Foodservice, we define eleven different personas, identify commonalities and form suitable topic clusters for communication.

B2B instead of B2C

While HOMANN Foodservices is aimed exclusively at B2B customers, its sister company Homann Feinkost offers very similar products for the retail trade. Differentiation is achieved through a clear communicative focus on B2B customers.

Our approach

Attract, Engage, Convert: We guide the user from the first touchpoint to the carefully placed contact form.

Conception of the digital strategy

Our work begins with a detailed business alignment workshop with representatives from Homann Foodservice. The goal: to get to know the company and its products, understand their USPs and jointly define target groups.

The first concrete measure emerges from this workshop: the development of a professional Facebook channel to strengthen brand awareness. To this end, we develop an authentic social media identity for the company - including tonality and style guide as a uniform basic framework for all posts.

Homann Foodservice: Process from Facebook post to purchase

Higher visibility thanks to professional social media presence

The second step focuses on the target groups and their expectations of the content. Together with HOMANN, we define thematic focal points, develop suitable messages, and bring everything together in a long-term social media editorial plan. Each content piece explicitly addresses the B2B target group. Instead of products, the focus is on industry know-how and services from HOMANN Foodservice.

Landing pages provide leads

A strong Facebook presence alone does not produce any leads. To meet this target of our customer, our UX and content specialists designed topic-specific landing pages that fit seamlessly into the look and feel of the existing online communication.

Flanked by corresponding posts and campaigns, these pages ensured the desired conversions.

Homann Foodservice campaigns landing page screenshot
For us, SNK is not just a service provider that works off its to-dos. Rather, it is a partner who sets its own impulses and supports us in developing our online marketing step by step.
Timo Brauroth Trade Marketing / Kommunikation Manager HOMANN Foodservice
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