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Website relaunch with strong customer focus and sustainable CMS solution

A sustainable and versatile CMS

100% Page Speed + 100% Customer Centricity thanks to enormous loading speeds and state-of-the-art FAQ

The task:

givve® is a digital pioneer and expert in the employee benefits and digital rewards market. Our assignment: The development of a sustainable and versatile content management system (CMS) for the relaunch of the givve customer platform. The development focused on both the user experience and a contemporary design that fit the client's brand.

In the course of the project, however, this assignment developed into much more.

The result:

The highlights of the website are its enormous loading speed and the state-of-the-art FAQ section. This maps all the central concerns of the user and relieves the service team. The integrated form interface to Salesforce also creates countless possibilities for individual form creation - and thus ensures efficient processes in customer service.

Navigation and page layout emphasize an intuitive user experience and are also designed in such a way that extensions to the givve product portfolio can be easily integrated. In this way, the system offers end customers and givve employees the best long-term solution with maximum flexibility.

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