Development of the Headless Commerce web application "Inspiration"

With “Inspiration”, DETAIL Verlag offers the world's largest knowledge database for architecture firms and universities. SNK manages this digital subscription offer

DIE AUFGABE: Komplett neue Codebase. Besser, schneller, skalierbar

Project goal

DETAIL has been one of the leading publishers for architecture and construction for many years. Together with SNK, DETAIL is also further expanding its position in the digital business.

  • Successive homogenization of customer journeys, touchpoints and customer data
  • Fast and agile product development
  • Future-proof tech stack
  • Manageable subscription model

Product functionalities

With a completely new UX and architecture, the tried-and-tested software application has been made ready for all future business ideas.

  • Efficient browsing and management of all articles, drawings and media
  • Access to digital content by subscription
  • Simultaneous access to physical products in the classic commerce model
  • Provision of all content in structured and open data Multi-channel ready

Our services

After acquisition, critical updates and support, SNK is now continuously working on application and data, commerce and marketing website

  • UX: Research, UX and UI design and testing
  • Headless backend, high performance database, Elastic Search & Filter
  • 3rd party integrations, "single source of truth" approach
  • Complex ID provider and authorization model
  • Payment and subscription

Project Insights

Tech Stack

Laying the foundation for a homogeneous ecosystem, headless first

• High-performance database
• Headless PHP backend
• React.JS & Next.JS frontend
• Elastic Search and Filtering
• PDF Management
• Magento Commerce and Subscriptions
• Stripe Payment
• Keycloak Identity Management
• DevOps / Maxcluster Hosting

Target groups

Clearly defined target groups on the part of the client made it easier for us to define the persona requirements. All target groups share a passion for architecture and technical details. The fastest structuring and finding of content and media was key to the customer journey

• Students use the inspiration either as individuals or as part of a university access
• Universities provide easy access for all lecturers and students
• Architecture firms use the access for their employees to facilitate their work and pitches.

The team

The fragility of the existing codebase and time-to-market requirements demanded an extremely agile approach from all parties. The professional and pragmatic approach of all those involved and responsible enabled the project to run successfully. Many thanks to the DETAIL team for this outstanding collaboration :)


As with every software development project, there are challenges in terms of time and requirements, which were quickly solved together. However, the following were exciting:

• The adoption of a grown and unstructured architecture
• Complicated authorization model for individuals, companies, students and universities
• Consolidation and structuring of existing PDF content and unstructured data

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