Zu sehen ist ein Screenshot der Audi Possibility Story von Commercetools abgebildet auf einem Tablet

Brand development and website relaunch for commercetools

Game changer in e-commerce: we take the commercetools brand to a new level.

Opening up new target audiences by sharpening brand focus

We enhanced the brand strategy of the tech unicorn and software provider commercetools, developed the brand communication in terms of both content and visuals, and designed the central brand touchpoint: the corporate website.

commercetools streetposter with text: we make the impossible possible

From a start-up to a global player: valued at over 1.5 billion euros, commercetools has become a leading e-commerce software solutions provider. The Munich-based company’s product is groundbreaking: a cloud-based headless e-commerce platform offering the customer a broad ecosystem of different microservices. 

Thanks to its innovative technology, commercetools has already won over a large tech-savvy target audience. For other target audiences, however, commercetools’ product seemed much more complex than the established competition’s. Our brand focus has changed that, making commercetools accessible for corporate decision-makers, C-level executives, e-commerce managers and finance departments alike.

Our solution: a refined brand in three steps

How do you make even customers without an IT background fall in love with APIs and microservices? By foregrounding their needs.

Brand strategy: enhancing the positioning

Brand audit reveals optimization potential

During an extensive brand audit, we assessed the brand’s positioning and evaluated factors such as corporate design and brand storytelling. Based on the findings of this audit, we identified the key target audiences in a workshop with commercetools. We also devised a new brand character to set commercetools apart from the status quo and identified potential for improvement.

You can see screenshots of the extensive brand audit for Commercetools by SNK

Brand communication: Brand stories and brand design

The common thread in communication

Software from commercetools opens up new e-commerce opportunities in B2B, B2C and D2C alike. This core idea runs through all of the brand’s communication and is reflected in the brand design. Striking bright colours and diverse motifs from various areas underscore the potential of headless e-commerce. Our brand style guide ensures that the design is used consistently across all touchpoints and channels.  

You can see the brand style guide for Commercetools created by the design agency SNK with bright eye-catching colors and diverse motifs

Modular, flexible and therefore easily scalable – the key USPs of commercetools software are immediately visible in our design. And by combining three standard elements in different ways, we keep creating new key visuals.

Brand Touchpoints: Relaunch of the corporate website

The website as a central brand touchpoint

The commercetools website is the most important brand touchpoint for all target audiences. We designed the website relaunch and took care of its technical realisation.

We translate brand strategy into user experience

We created the information architecture for the commercetools website and devised a specific user journey for each target audience. This involved creating separate landing pages addressing the needs of each audience, which here means:

  • IT target group: flexibility and the ability to customise the platform
  • e-commerce managers: standing out from the competition, quick time to market
  • C-level executives: new business models, business KPIs
Zu sehen ist ein Screenshot der Commercetools Landingpage erstellt von der Designagentur SNK
On display are some of the solutions SNK has implemented for the Commercetools user experience

A tailored backend solution

We worked with commercetools to identify the key criteria for the new website’s content management system (CMS). These were:

  • user-friendliness
  • easy scalability
  • third-party integrations
  • a multilingual option
  • management of various user roles 

Our developers made all this possible. Using Statamic CMS architecture, they programmed a backend perfectly tailored to commercetools and its requirements. The system’s lean structure made the changeover easier for the customer while offering sufficient space to integrate additional functions.

Screenshot of commercetools CMS backend for commercetools
We have enjoyed many years of partnership with SNK. We completed our first project together shortly after our company was established. Creative in their planning, pragmatic and goal-oriented in their realisation – for us, this is the perfect combination.
Andreas Rudl Vice President Global Marketing commercetools
On display is the Commercetools logo