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aconso is the inventor of the digital personnel file and one of the leading solution providers for digital HR processes in over 60 countries. Well-known companies and international corporations are among aconso AG's customers. It was our task to visualize and strengthen their position as a "thought leader" with the website relaunch. The new website also needed to generate high-quality leads and retain existing customers.


The main focus of the project was on the client’s complex software solutions and services that needed to be explained and presented in a comprehensible way. After detailed analysis and conception of an optimal, intuitive user experience, we created a complete overview of the enterprise solutions using strong visuals. This succeeds not only by employing a visually user-friendly interface, but also by being  easy to comprehend: All relevant information is available via various entry points on the website. For lead generation, call-to-action elements were used to match respective topics, for example calls to download a white paper or to participate in a webinar.


With the strategic website relaunch, a strong sales and marketing web presence was created, which produced a significant increase in visitor numbers, length of stay and leads. This refreshed visually appealing and user-friendly website strengthened the image of aconso AG as a leader for HR software.

We are very pleased with the relaunch. The feedback on the redesign is consistently positive and the lead figures speak for themselves.

Tonja Rettberg, Marketing Managerin aconso AG
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B2B Lead Generation

B2B products and services are often complex, in need of explanation and cost-intensive. A customer journey in the B2B environment therefore takes much longer than it does in the B2C environment. Potential B2B customers cannot be won over with simple product information, but instead need to believe in the expertise and the service portfolio of the provider. Connecting themes relevant to the audience and offering  solutions and concrete solution examples are proven instruments for winning new customers. These actions strengthen your image in the minds of potential customers and inspire confidence in your company. And ultimately, that will result in more customers moving from the “potential” column over to the “existing” one.

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