Pioneering AI technology needs a strong brand.

Parloa is a pioneer for AI in customer service and enables companies to have excellent customer conversations. We develop a brand for them that fulfills this role.

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Parloa Trade Fair Booth


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Parloa Website Mockup


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Human communication meets deep tech

Parloa: „Where people and AI join forces.“

Parloa empowers organizations to significantly improve service quality through its market-leading conversational AI platform, creating excellent customer and employee experiences. We worked closely with the outstanding Parloa team to strengthen their brand and create a powerful website that serves as their primary lead generation channel.

Successful conversations are the key to strong relationships. Customers expect seamless experiences across all service channels - phone, chat, voice assistants and more. Thanks to Parloa's technology, companies can automate these critical channels, reducing customer wait times and freeing employees from repetitive tasks. Through refined brand positioning, compelling storytelling and a bold new design, we helped Parloa build a globally engaging brand and website to attract new customers.

The visual design and user experience of the Parloa website reflects AI's ability to capture the subtleties of human communication and embodies the brand's core values: trust, positivity and passion. Clean shapes, concise messaging and a vibrant color palette combine strength, simplicity, tech focus and human warmth. The stylized speech bubbles symbolize a diverse audience and multilingual capabilities. The result: Parloa presents itself as a confident and solution-oriented partner.

Komposition of parloa assets
The goal was to create an extraordinary, innovative brand together with SNK - mission accomplished!
The team has a lot of experience with projects from the SaaS industry, professional and modern approaches (you are guided smoothly through workshops and projects to the goal), motivated team - from the management to the project management to the designers and UX experts. The collaboration is fun!
Julia Gölles VP Marketing at Parloa GmbH
Three examples of Parloa Social media Assets
Komposition of Trade fair ads, booth and imagery

From positioning to trade fair appearance

A synthesis of humanity and software

With the motto: “Where people and AI join forces.” Parloa positions itself as the link between people and software. Based on our cooperation and development of the brand strategy and the subsequent brand design, we fully support this statement. In this project, we worked hard to emphasize the human element and to confront any doubts about the use of AI in the service sector with our heads held high. The ongoing exchange with the ambitious team, productive dialogs and our shared quality standards drive us as a project team. The result is impressive - on the website and in the numerous jointly developed assets.

exemplary pages from the Parloa Styleguide

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