We develop e-commerce solutions for B2B and B2C. Customer- and service-centered.

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e-commerce Services
  • B2B Online Shop
  • Multi-Store / Multi-Brand Solution
  • e-commerce Platform
  • Product configurator
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Magento e-Commerce
  • Pimcore

Whether it’s a B2B online storefront, multi-store, travel platform or product configuration, any successful e-commerce solution must be smart. We approach projects from start to finish with an eye towards a consistent digital strategy, intuitive design and solid technology as a foundation, complimented by relevant and personalized marketing content.

We create interactive shopping experiences and worlds that both resonate and inspire.

We see it for ourselves: the demands and needs of customers change the more digitalization interfuses with our daily lives. Today, customers are not only looking for the right product or the right solution provider, but also have a strong desire to incorporate a convincing customer experience in their purchasing decision process. Shopping and experience worlds that are exciting, informative and useful are in demand. In short: the potential buyer must feel comfortable and that he is in exactly the right place for his needs to be met.

Digital Customer Experience – the success factor in e-commerce

As a multidisciplinary digital agency, we have been dealing with the digitalization of sales and trade in a wide variety of industries for over 15 years. That's how we know that smart e-commerce solutions can only be created by seamlessly combining strategy, design, technology and marketing. Sales and communication channels are networked in the online and offline worlds and data is merged into a uniform user profile. A 360-degree view of the user is created and provides insight into his wants and needs. This is the challenge for successful e-commerce and an outstanding customer experience: to meet these needs, and even better...to exceed them!



Here you will find a Selection of our e-Commerce Projects.

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