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Consulting and implementation of the HubSpot marketing software

Are you planning to use intelligent marketing software to simplify marketing processes, generate leads and turn those leads into loyal customers with individual, automated communication?

As a digital agency with many years of experience in online marketing and digital communication, we can help you evaluate whether HubSpot is the right choice for you and if so, can fully support you during the implementation of this smart marketing software.

Integrated platform for marketing and sales

Specialist for Inbound Marketing

HubSpot's intelligent marketing software combines systems and tools for marketing automation, content management, SEO & SEA and social media into one integrated platform. This eases the daily work of marketing departments and supports lead generation through inbound marketing. It then helps convert these leads through targeted lead management and marketing automation to (ideally loyal) customers.

Lead Generation, Lead Management and Automation

Lead generation and lead management through content marketing

The HubSpot Marketing Automation platform makes it easy to execute professional content marketing. With this tool, relevant content can be automatically displayed in all online channels such as your own company blog or social media to increase visibility in search engines, generate higher traffic and turn anonymous website visitors into leads.

With Marketing Automation, leads are carefully guided through the marketing and sales funnel. By delivering  relevant content, leads are "fed" and qualified until they can be classified as "ready for distribution" under a previously defined lead scoring system.

Automated campaigns

Based on data and user behavior, personalized communication enables you to present exactly the right content at the right stage of the customer journey - automatically! HubSpot can be used to plan and implement multi-level, omni-channel marketing campaigns. You can monitor the performance of your marketing measures at any time and control them across all channels. The integrated analytics function of HubSpot shows exactly how the different campaigns are performing in the individual channels.

Automated marketing processes

Marketing automation software doesn’t just automate communication and campaigns. With the system’s help, tasks in marketing departments can also be performed much more efficiently. Recurring tasks are stored with workflows and run automatically.

Why HubSpot?

The five best reasons to use HubSpot

  • Leading solution provider for inbound marketing
  • Suitable for medium and large companies
  • A comprehensive all-around solution with a modular structure: marketing, sales, CRM and customer hub can be individually composed.
  • Web-based platform with many modules: email marketing, blog, social media marketing, paid advertising and lead management
  • Easy connection to third-party systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, SAP and Siebel/Oracle. Individual connections can be implemented via the API.