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collaboration Factory has come to revolutionize the project and portfolio management market with its product cplace, finally knocking Excel off its throne – SNK supports these big plans all-round.

Our services

  • Our services

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    • Target group definition

    • Customer Journeys

    • Market & Competitor Analysis

    • Positioning

    • Logo, Corporate Design

    • Brand Style Guide

    • Visual Assets

    • Employer Branding

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    User Experience

    • Analysis

    • User Personas

    • Information Architecture

    • User journey wireframes

    • UX / UI Design

    • Visual design

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    • Requirements Management

    • Technical Conception

    • Technical implementation

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    Digital Marketing

    • SEO

    • Campaign Setup

    • Campaign & media planning

    • Campaign Management

Everything shiny, new, and modular

We dare to set out together

With its no- and low-code project management solution cplace, collaboration factory is revolutionizing the way people and organizations collaborate in complex projects: autonomously, decentrally and with a hybrid mix of methods.

We manifest this mix of transformation, freedom, and collaboration in the strategy and visual appeal of the new brand. Our versatile and modular design system visually reflects the functionalities of the tool and bridges the gap between enterprise-ready product and ambitious scale-up mentality of the company.



Icon set

Icon set

Product brochure

Product brochure

PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template

Website Assets

Website Assets

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The brand is ready to go

Continuing on a strategically sensible path

We transfer this philosophy to the development of the website. We reduced the original two instances to one Wordpress system and streamlined the information architecture and user interface to simplify the user's path through the variety of options and applications offered and to achieve the best possible experience. With the appropriate digital marketing campaigns, we carry the new brand and the vision of cplace into the market, generating new leads for the client's sales.

The collaboration with the project team is our special highlight. Communication at eye level – even when the project gets stressful – coupled with a solution-oriented mindset and a good dose of ambition. Thank you for this team success!

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