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Omni-channel e-commerce. For outstanding shopping experiences on all channels and on all devices.

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e-commerce with commercetools

Flexible and modular. The omni-channel e-commerce solution for all channels, devices and touchpoints.

Since 2001, we at schoene neue kinder have been busy developing e-commerce solutions such as online shops, portals, platforms, marketplaces and individual web applications for B2B and B2C.

commercetools is one of the leading providers of e-commerce software and, with its API-first approach, represents the most advanced technology in digital commerce. This cloud-based platform enables true omni-channel commerce and, thanks to its high scalability, it can be used for e-commerce projects of any size.

Connect all your channels into a unified seamless shopping experience for your customers.

An API interface links all of your company's digital touchpoints to true omni-channel commerce.

  • Online stores
  • Mobile Commerce / Web App
  • Social media commerce
  • Chatbots or language assistants

Unlimited connection of frontends, applications, systems and processes

commcercetools supports a wide range of integrations including various frontends, frameworks, applications, business processes, technologies and third-party systems. In addition, the e-commerce software offers an extensive range of tools and applications, such as an integrated PIM system for easy management of the product portfolio and consistent product presentation across all channels and devices.

Why commercetools?

API-First Approach

With APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), a wide variety of applications and devices can be linked and integrated. This results in flexible new functionalities that meet customer requirements and satisfy market needs.

Microservice Architecture

commercetools is based on modular microservices. These microservices are individual applications that perform only a certain small function and communicate with each other via the APIs.

Omni-Channel Commerce

commercetools merges all channels, devices and touchpoints into a uniform shopping experience. This happens by networking all applications together with an automated data exchange.

commercetools facts

The advantages of commercetools at a glance

  • Cloud-based e-commerce platform with low operating costs: unlimited scalability, automatic updates
  • API interface concept
  • Integration of various frontends and applications
  • Modular structure with modern microservices architecture
  • Fastest possible time-to-market
  • Integrated PIM (Product Information Management) System
  • Extensive additional applications
  • Internationalization: commercetools supports multiple languages and currencies