Business and commerce portals

We’re the architects of your B2B portal. Our plan: a consistently positive customer experience across all business processes and touchpoints.

Where business processes smoothly meet the system landscape

When can a business portal be considered a success? When it offers the ideal customer experience.

An antiquated IT landscape with isolated solutions, disconnected processes and organisational silos can turn the B2B customer life cycle into a gruelling journey involving:

  • reduced functionality
  • lengthy response times 
  • differing information from various platforms
  • poor communication
  • a lack of transparency in delivery statuses or price calculations
  • a great deal of time and effort needed for customer service and order management

Given that B2B products and multilevel marketing models are extremely complex at the best of times, such a patchwork approach can cause significant problems throughout the customer relationship. It tends to create an unsatisfactory user experience and overly burden sales and support teams. Indeed, it can even prompt the customer to change to a more accessible competitor. 

A modern business portal seamlessly connects sales, marketing and customer service, combining all customer-oriented processes in one multichannel solution that is tailored to your organisation.

Our approach

B2B e-commerce, customer service and marketing: creating your business portal in six steps


Identify your objectives

A workshop with your company’s key stakeholders and your SNK partners. The outcome? Smart, clearly defined objectives for your B2B portal.


Understand your users

Another important aim of the workshop is to develop a clear picture of your customers’ journey and the relevant target personas. This is followed up with focus group interviews and a UX audit of your website, giving us a deep understanding of what exactly the users of your portal need.


Create the framework

We will work with you on determining which business processes the portal must show and which interfaces to your system landscape it must accommodate. The conception phase culminates in a presentation of the results of steps one to three and a preview of your portal’s key functions.


Conceptualise the UX and tech solution

We will conceptualise the information and system architecture, take care of requirements management and select the right web technologies. What results is customer-centred portal architecture and practical guidelines for user navigation: our digital customer experience framework.


Create and roll out the MVP

Certified, experienced developers will program your MVP (minimum viable product). We will also coordinate with third-party partners such as systems houses and DCX platform providers. The outcome: proof of concept and a solid foundation for a long-lasting positive customer experience.


Enhance and scale the MVP

After the MVP is launched, we will collaborate with you agilely and in sprints for a long time to come. We will provide support in enhancing the MVP and will scale your portal in line with changes in your organisation.


A modern business portal seamlessly connects marketing, sales and service and transfers all customer-oriented processes into a multichannel solution tailored to your company.

A business portal is more than a spare parts store, a marketing website or a basic support-ticket system for partners. It connects elements relevant to your company from marketing, sales, configuration, commerce and customer service to form the hub of the B2B customer life cycle.  It digitally supports interaction between your customer and your company, from information procurement through the purchasing process to the after-sales service. 

B2B portal success factors

A B2B portal’s long-term value derives from a positive customer journey and the ability to move the customer smoothly between portal, product and your teams. The less a user notices how many cogs are turning within your company, the better. A successful B2B portal:

  1. is extremely user-friendly
  2. has a premium look and feel
  3. contains value-creating content and information
A customer with a positive customer experience: the website seamlessly integrates business processes.

The competitive advantage lies in the customer experience (CX). Here’s why.

You can see a graphic that shows a portfolio in relation to business portals


Your customers want to gain a quick overview and find answers to the following questions: What products and services responding to their specific query does your company offer? And which of these can be immediately configured?

You can see the aspect of information as a decisive competitive advantage in the customer experience


You provide answers to your customers’ queries, from available price models through new products, product updates and personal consultation to local retailers. Easy to understand and well structured.

Here you can see the aspect of transparency as a decisive competitive advantage in the customer experience.


Explanation of complex purchasing and delivery processes, order status/product tracking, individual pricing and personalised reports: transparency is the key to customer retention.

The evolution of B2B websites and online shops

Portal solutions are ideally suited to supporting all interactions between company, customers and partners. In addition, they support both multilevel marketing models and direct sales. What’s more, the data provided by portal solutions enables you to optimise the customer experience, marketing and business processes alike.

Benefits over traditional websites and online shops:

  • digital contact with all stakeholders in your sales model
  • cross-touchpoint interaction options such as the website, app, chat, etc.
  • business processes are performed online 
  • valuable insights into your target audiences’ needs 
  • seamless integration of pre-sales and after-sales processes
A figure depicts the gathering of functionalities and systems with a multilevel B2B sales model in an online portal
In B2B, products aren’t just purchased; they’re also painstakingly configured. Only a deep understanding of the product portfolio can deliver the best possible user experience during the purchasing process.
André Bachofner UX Director and Owner of SNK
On display is the SNK Logo in blue

DCX platforms, shop systems, etc.

Don’t adapt your processes to ready-made tools and software such as industry solutions; instead, adapt them to your business model.

How exactly do we achieve this for your company? By understanding your business processes and products. This enables us to create a solution that meets your company’s needs as well as those of your customers – no matter how many systems need to be connected.

We’ll create efficient architecture for your portal that can be scaled with your company: API-first and headless. This will result in a technical solution tailored to your requirements, guaranteeing:

  • agile extension of functionalities
  • seamless integration and additions of third-party systems
  • adaptability to changes within and outside your organisation

What we offer

Your unique action plan

In a remote session, we will discuss your objectives, target audiences, parameters, business processes and requirements. Based on this discussion, we will produce an initial high-level solution proposal, a roadmap and a price estimate for your business portal. All within ten days. Free and non-binding.

A project plan showing a B2B portal project with SNK.

We are your B2B digital team

We will provide personal, user-centric advice from the initial concept to the finished business portal – and we will be your long-term partner, helping you adapt and refine the portal into the future.