We develop brands that convey the backbone of your company, and effectively connect your audience to your products.

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When you hear the word "brand", you may first think of a name and a logo. But in fact, the overall picture of your brand is formed by every single moment in which you come into contact with your audience.

We always develop your brand in the context of the entire customer experience and thus create an identity which, as the backbone of your company, credibly combines strategy and communication with product and corporate culture. For us, building a strong brand starts with defining its core. Based on this, we then work with you to create a lively and agile system that creates a lasting, genuine emotional connection with employees, customers and partners.   

The brand - bigger than the sum of its parts

Besides a logo and a name, you also need a corporate identity design. Colors, fonts, images etc. are essential components of your identity. However, you can only create trust and a coherent overall picture if all the individual parts  are speaking the same language. What do your videos look like? Do your presentations show you in the right way? Do the interfaces of your website, software or apps keep the promises your marketing has made? How does the tone of your automated emails or campaigns sound? Do your offices reflect the culture of the brand? Does your customer event create the right ambience and strike the right note? Do you already leverage internal branding to promote and manifest the culture of the brand within the company?

Supporting our customers in all these aspects of brand management is one of our favorite jobs. We have been doing this for many years and we promise you: we think of everything!

The only constant is change. What does this mean for your brand?

Nothing is more boring for your customers than, for example, the twentieth iteration of a newsletter with the same "key visual." A corporate design system that is too rigid makes you look consistent, but unfortunately also stodgy and old. Just think about how much energy most companies usually devote to adhering to a corporate design and how little they devote to really inspiring their customers. Consistency is important, but it won't win you any victories on its own. Only a living ecosystem built  around a strong brand core allows you to constantly evolve and remain both consistent and interesting. And that is how you win trust and hearts.

Have the courage to walk with us in creating a living brand that is constantly evolving to meet your customers’ needs and remaining at the  "top of its game."

Customer projects


Here you will find a selection of our customer projects.

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