App Development

We develop consumer and business apps. For the best mobile experience and optimized business processes.

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Mobile Apps

As a multidisciplinary digital agency, we develop, design and program native apps for iOS and Android and web apps for B2B and B2C, all tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. For this we rely on the latest technological advances such as Progressive Web Apps – which combine the user experience of mobile-optimized, responsive websites with the functionality and reliability of native apps.

Mobile apps can be used by B2B and B2C customers, as well as by internal teams to optimize processes. Depending on the application purpose, a native app or a web app may be more suitable.

The app – an important medium for customer retention

The app is one of the most important digital touchpoints between companies and users, especially in the era of "Mobile First." The customer app offers enhanced value such as time savings, additional or simplified functions and much more. If the app is good, it contributes heavily to a positive digital customer experience. It strengthens the interaction between customers and companies and promotes long-term customer loyalty.

Business Apps

Valuable Consulting Tools and Optimization of Business Processes

In many B2B industries, the use of an app is suitable for internal company use. Take sales as an example. As a consulting tool for the sales team, a B2B app can help present complex products that require a multimedia explanation to the customer in a clear way. Connected to CRM and ERP systems, a sales app can also optimize sales processes by, among other things, centralizing the provision of documents, automating workflows, and synchronizing data and order entries in real time.

Native Apps

The Advantages of Native Apps

  • Specially developed for an operating system such as iOs or Android
  • Suitable for complex applications
  • Optimum functionality, usability and performance by leveraging  all available resources of the operating system and end device

Progressive Web Apps

The benefits of Progressive Web Apps

  • Platform independent: PWAs are supported by all browsers and are called with an URL.
  • No download via App Store necessary – simply add to home screen from the browser
  • Detectable in search engines, such as Google
  • Progressive adaptation of the app to the browser and device used


App-Development and Mobile Design

Here you will find Selected References on the Subject of App Development and App Design.

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