Cloud Native: Our Open Source Project OpenTelemetry for Kotlin

We have made it! As schoene neue kinder GmbH we are now officially listed at the Linux Foundation as an organization providing open source software. How and why? We open sourced OpenTelemetry for Kotlin earlier this year and are now officially contributing to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Thanks to our great team for this milestone!

SNK News | 07.04.2022

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What is OpenTelemetry?

Telemetry data is used to tap technical data points for monitoring in the cloud. With the help of this real-time data, applications in the cloud are restarted immediately, for example, if a service or component fails. OpenTelemetry standardizes this and, as open source, offers vendor-independent solutions that are collected in a library according to programming languages.

Porting the OpenTelemetry library to Kotlin multiplatform

So far, OpenTelemetry has not been available for the Kotlin language. Our developers are burning for "Cloud First" and have dug deep into the topic. Thanks to the great collaboration in the team, we could now release a first port. As with most open source projects in the beginning, there is still some work to be done. You are a developer? Then code with us on our open source project!

Cloud First is a big theme at SNK and we have a lot planned. Providing open source is just one part of that, and I'm excited by our team's commitment to getting so much involved in the open source community here. I'm happy to hear from anyone who wants to take this deeper with us.
René Brogatzki
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Linux Foundation - what's behind it

Thanks to our team's dedication and successful publishing, we are now listed with the Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation helps open technology projects build open source software and serves as a trusted hub for the open source community. There are over 19,000 companies currently contributing open source technology. We are proud to now be a part of it!