Complete Brand Relaunch and Brand Positioning.


We were tasked with relaunching the brand for the start-up Squirro  and creating a precise brand positioning for them. The core of their business - software based on artificial intelligence - required a precise market positioning and a simplified presentation for the B2B target group.


The core brand was first developed in workshops with the management. We also discovered  the client’s untapped market potential using well-founded competitive analysis and we created a strategic brand position to help them realize this potential. Next we executed  a visual makeover that energized and emotionalized the brand. The end result was a holistic relaunched brand, which was harmoniously reflected across their entire communications portfolio  and allowed them to stand out in the crowded B2B sector. The new brand includes, among other things:

  • Content creation
  • The audiovisual field (visual storytelling and design, illustration)
  • The print portfolio
  • The social media area
  • The Exhibition Design
Squirro Illustration | schoene neue kinder
Squirro Website | schoene neue kinder
Squirro Newsletter | schoene neue kinder
Squirro Sights '18 Logo | schoene neue kinder
Squirro Sights '18 Roll Up Banners | schoene neue kinder
Squirro Illustration | schoene neue kinder