UX and software development of a complex configuration and CPQ application

SNK developed a complex door configurator for partners, dealers and major customers for the Arbonia Group and its Doors Division.

The task: Completely new codebase. Better, faster, scalable.

Project goal

Speed in the sales process is the key to standing out from the competition. Every minute that a dealer or major customer saves when configuring and requesting a door group is pure gold, so to speak. SNK developed the entire application with "maximum performance and efficiency" in mind.

  • Structuring and homogenization of all historically grown data records.
  • Professional and agile product development.
  • Enterprise tech stack.
  • Possibility of autonomous integration of partner / customer products for complete quotation generation.

Product functionalities

Without taking over an existing system, the concept, UX, and architecture were radically rethought. The data from various brands was consolidated and integrated to enable the application to be used throughout the Group.

  • High-performance configuration, filtering and execution of all process steps.
  • Quotation generation and order processing.
  • Up to 6 million buildability rules for smooth configuration.
  • Seamless SAP integration.
  • Management of specialist trade partners.

Our services

From consulting to UI design, SNK took on the majority of the interdisciplinary tasks. Among them:

  • Strategy and application design.
  • UX: Extensive research phase and user testing, UX / UI design system
  • System architecture and conception
  • Data modeling and high-performance database
  • Headless backend
  • CPQ selection and integration
  • Complex authorization and tenant management model
  • Interfaces to cooperation partners

Project Insights

Tech Stack

Building a modern enterprise architecture

• Configit Quote
• Node Backend
• GraphQL interface
• Angular and Typescript Application Layer
• Keycloak Identity Management
• Kubernetes and Terraform
• DevOps / Azure Hosting

Target groups

SNK developed personas and their needs for and with Arbonia in intensive meetings with product managers, partners and customers
• Specialist dealers as well as major customers use DOORIT for efficient quotation preparation
• For holistic quotation preparation, it was absolutely necessary to allow specialist dealer-specific products and components and to make them integrable via an interface.

The team

The project was tackled with high priority across the Group. Together with Arbonia, we set up a product team to manage requirements, stakeholders, IT, SAP, roadmap and timeline. This huge undertaking demanded a great deal of commitment and passion from everyone involved.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks.


Starting the entire project from scratch was extremely exciting, as well as challenging. Setting up a cross-manufacturer product data model, partly without structured data, was perhaps the most challenging part. Perhaps also – unsurprisingly – the synchronization with the SAP system ;)

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