Marketing Automation

The right content at the right time makes all the difference.

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Individual communication

"How do we convert website visitors to customers?" "How do we use the data that we generate in our various sales and marketing channels to target customers and potential buyers?" These are questions many companies are asking themselves today. The answer is Marketing Automation.

To reach users with personalized, targeted communication and convincingly provide them with a positive customer experience, Marketing Automation is the smart and efficient solution. It ensures an individual approach with the right content at the right time in the right channel. And the entire process is data-based and automated.

Automated multi-channel campaigns

Marketo's software solutions, for example, combine CRM, web analytics, campaign management and communication tools on a single platform. Based on consolidated data and user behavior – together with the help of a marketing automation platform – multi-stage campaigns can be planned, implemented and controlled. Pre-defined workflows deliver the appropriate content for various channels such as email marketing, social media campaigns or pay-per-click campaigns.

More Power for Marketing & Sales

Marketing automation software not only automates campaigns, but also makes the daily work of marketers and salespeople  easier. Recurring tasks such as data management and lead evaluation can also be automated and stored with intelligent workflows. This saves time and also reduces errors.

Lead generation and lead management

As an agency for digital marketing, we support you in generating new leads through inbound marketing measures and content marketing and help you convert these leads to customers with effective lead management. We advise you on the selection of a suitable marketing automation software platform, guide you through the technical implementation and set up your first campaigns with you.